Jams 2016 Vol. 23

I will try to be a better man, I’ll try to be a man. I will speak of my confusion and do better if I can and I will sing the beauty of the silence in between.
— Throws | Silence In Between

Icelandic duo Throws released their self-titled debut this week and it is unlike anything I've ever heard. Every musician is just filtering their influences through their own unique perspective, and this band combines their influences in creative ways. They combine folk, industrial rock, funk, soul, electronica, and indie-rock. If you start a Throws song and you don't like it, wait two minutes and it's bound to go off in some cool new direction. For example, High Pressure Front starts out spare and sinister, the repeated phrase ,"this is a high pressure front," drives a slow build which eventually busts into a funk groove reminiscent of Sly and The Family Stone. I just listened to this album because I liked the cover (I later realized that it's because they use the same font that we do here at Pop Volture) and I was blown away by what I heard. This is a strange and beautiful album about accepting your mistakes and trying to move forward. These guys are still a bit obscure right now, but hopefully they'll gain a decent following because they definitely deserve it.

Oklahoman indie-rock band BRONCHO made their mark in 2014 with their single Class Historian. They appeared to be your average band with some catchy rock tunes, but they made some interesting choices on their third record. The songs are catchy, guitar driven tunes, but they are all soaked in reverb, creating an entirely different environment for their music. The cover depicts two large, shiny pyramids, half bathed in light and half fading into darkness. This landscape perfectly captures the sonic landscape of this album, with certain parts shining through the echo and others buried in noise. This album sees the band trying something new without completely letting go of the sound that made them great in the first place.   

If you're a human who was alive in 2007 and you had two ears connected to a heart, then you probably adore Peter, Bjorn, and John's Young Folks. If you're like me you may have also lost track of the band since their seminal album Writer's Block. However, they just released their 6th album Breakin' Point. The guys have transitioned a bit more towards indie-pop reminiscent of bands like Fitz & The Tantrums and COIN. This is good album full of addictive synth heavy tunes that are a lot deeper than they appear. There are so many catchy hooks on this album that you're sure to be whistling after one listen.

The six-piece punk band, Diarrhea Planet, released their third album, Turn To Gold. On their last album 2013's I'm Rich Behind Your Wildest Dreams, is one of the greatest modern punk albums, with chugging their way towards crisp, vicious guitar solos, reminiscent of Titus Andronicus' The Monitor (the two bands are buddies). This one shows a little more maturity and restraint, but like their last album they get goofy sometimes, but use that to access important insights. When you watch these guys play you can see that they are having fun, and their music has this spirit of kicking ass with your ride or die homies.

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