Song Premier: Lyreman - Sunbeam Eyes


LYREMAN Sunbeam Eyes

from Sunbeam EP out May 31st

Lyreman is the musical project of Detroit based producer Ben Puninske. Over the past couple years he’s been releasing music on Soundcloud and honing his songcraft, with each new song he builds an intricate musical world that shifts and sways in unexpected ways. His latest offering is the greatest showcase of these skills. “Sunbeam Eyes” is the first single from the upcoming Sunbeam EP. It begins with pulsing a bass tone punctuated by soft synth stabs. The song is deceptively mellow as the synth horn introduces the main melody, before busting into an infectious groove. As the title implies, this music is inspired by sun-soaked afternoons and mountain top hikes, reflecting Puninske’s love of travel and connection with nature. It’s surprising how music made entirely electronically can evoke these images of nature, as soaring strings fade in like the sun emerging from behind a cloud. The track ebbs and flows, with each rise and fall of the waves of sound new elements are added to make each build even more powerful. I can say from experience that this is a great track to dance to with your friends, but it also offers plenty of subtlety and detail for the more critical listener. I dare you to try and keep your feet from moving as this track plays.