Jams 2016 Vol. 25

No saints in the animal kingdom.
— Petite League - Zookeeper

Syracuse lo-fi punk duo Petite League released their second album this year, No Hitter. This is a quality, catchy punk album with youthful naivety and beyond-their-years wisdom like the quote above.  Reminiscent of bands like Wavves and FIDLAR, but a bit more restrained. It is stripped down and simple, yet well constructed.

We all know Hot Hot Heat, right? They had some hits in the early-mid aughts like Bandages and Goodnight, Goodnight. This band had a knack for pop-rock with a bite to it, and they've still got it. After announcing that they would release their final album they dropped the single The Kid Who Stays In The Picture, you could play their new stuff side by side with their old stuff and not be able to tell the difference. You can form your own opinion as to whether that's bad or good, but I enjoy it quite a bit. This album in catchy pop-rock with some 80's influence here and there, but mostly just a solid catchy rock album. We're sad to see you go guys, but thank you for all the great songs over the year, and hopefully we'll hear some new stuff from the members as they splinter off into side projects.

Finally, former Rilo Kiley frontwoman and incredible singer/songwriter in her own right, Jenny Lewis has a new post-punk project called Nice As Fuck. When I heard Door, the first single they released, I thought it was just another lo-fi indie-rock band like Frankie Cosmos or Girlpool, but when I learned Lewis was the singer I listened to it with a new perspective. Her mark is unmistakable of this album, it just feels like new JL songs with different instrumentation, stripped down and echoing. Though this album is lush and airy it is just as engaging as any of Lewis's previous work, touching on love, life, and even getting political and talking about ISIS on Guns. All songs have one word titles except for NAF Theme, which is a reprise of the track Homerun, substituting the lyrics, "We're Nice As Fuck // Wish you good luck." It is a cute, clever signoff. This album is a great representation of how an artist can keep their quality of work while jumping genres.

This was an incredible week for music, so if you want to hear about more albums check out The Monday Rewind I did for Ghettoblaster Magazine. That's it for now folks. Fly on Voltures. Ca-CAWWW!